Google Business Internship 2019 – Application for Google Internship application for 2019 has commenced.

Google Business Internship is open to undergraduates and graduates who intend to intern with Google. One reason why we always recommend this application is because Google is not a conventional company.

“True, we share attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices comes to mind – but even as we continue to grow, we’re committed to retaining a small-company feel.

At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say and that every employee is integral to our success.

We provide individually-tailored compensation packages that can be comprised of competitive salary, bonus, and equity components, along with the opportunity to earn further financial bonuses and rewards”.


About Google Business Internship 2019


The idea for Gmail began with 1 Googler. Today it has more than 425 million users and counting. At Google, one Googler can make a huge impact, and it’s no different with our interns–they are key players in our daily innovation.

Application Deadline: Monday, 12 November 2018, 11:59 pm GMT.

Business Internships are typically offered in the following business areas:
GMS Sales and Operations:
When our millions of advertisers and publishers are happy, so are we! Our Google Marketing Solutions (GMS) team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and client-focused members are the “human face” of Google, helping entrepreneurs both individually and broadly build their online presence and grow their businesses.

We are dedicated to growing the unique needs of advertising companies. Our teams of strategists, analysts, advisers, and support specialists collaborate closely to spot and analyze customer needs and trends. Together, we create and implement business plans broadly for every type of businesses.

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Large Customer Sales:

Our Large Customer Sales teams partner closely with many of the world’s biggest advertisers and agencies to develop digital solutions that build strong businesses and brands.

We enjoy a bird’s eye view on the massive transformation occurring as advertising shifts to mobile and online platforms. We’re uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow their businesses in the digital age.

We advise clients on Google’s broad range of products across search, video, and mobile to help them connect instantly and seamlessly with their audiences.


Google Cloud:

Google Cloud helps millions of employees and organizations empower their employees, serve their customers, and build what’s next for their business — all with technology built in the cloud.

Our products are engineered for security, reliability, and scalability, running the full stack from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware.

And our teams are dedicated to helping our customers — developers, small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies — see the benefits of our technology come to life.

Know the user, Know the magic,  Connect the two. At its core, marketing at Google starts with technology and ends with the user, bringing both together in unconventional ways.

Our job is to demonstrate how Google’s products solve the world’s problems–from every day to the epic, from the mundane to the monumental.

And we approach marketing in a way that only Google can–changing the game, redefining the medium, making the user the priority, and ultimately, letting the technology speak for itself.

Responsibilities of Google Business Internship
Responsibilities and detailed projects will be determined based on your educational background, interest, and skills.

Qualifications and Eligibility for Google Business Internship
Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program, and in your penultimate year of study.
  • Available for a 12-week internship during Summer 2019.
  • Preferred qualifications:
    Returning to a full-time Bachelor’s or Master’s degree after the internship program.
  • Previous experience in Sales, Advertising, Consulting, Analysis, Customer Service, Marketing, Cloud or related fields.

How to Apply for Google Business Internship 2019

It is advisable to log in using your google account details. Ensure that after you have clicked apply now and ensure that the account associated with the application is yours. Then fill the form, upload your resume and submit.

Applications will close on Monday, 12 November 2018, 11:59 pm GMT. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis and you could be called for an interview between November 2018 and May 2019.

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