Why should I intern?

So here is the big question that comes to the mind of every student. I’ve stressed in my previous post what is Internship, that internship can be done by undergraduates and graduates alike.

Most times students find no reason to intern, or they do not see the need to engage in an internship program. Internships not only have it’s benefits as a student, but also as a future graduate. I’d like you to see it(internship) as an investment into the future, securing a better career life after graduation.

Now we’ll be discussing on the need for internship, why it’s good and necessary for a student or graduate to intern in a company or an NGO.

I’ve drafted out below, some reasons why you need internship.

  1. Experience in the labour market: Interning in a company doesn’t necessary mean one would be there to fetch coffee, empty trash cans and run errands around, it gives the intern the opportunity to work on a professional platform. Here you get more work experience and knowledge on the career path you intend to follow. See internship here, as a checklist, where you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s” on possible job opportunities and career choices, before making decisions on which path to pursue.
  2. Time management:

Time management is vital in every circumstance whether you’re attending meetings, finishing tasks on deadlines, making phone calls, etc. As an intern you’ll gain the mastery of time management, which would be of great help if one finds himself working in a company with a fast pace professional working environment. One need know that every minute counts. Even as an undergraduate student, time management is essential in planning your day to day life and career path on campus.

  1. Networks:

As we all know, no man is an island in any area of life, be it science, arts, humanities, and social sciences. We all need people around us to help in different ways in which they can. Internship gives you the avenue to attend events and meetings which would create an opportunity for you to meet up with professionals in your field of study, establish connections with them and make you learn how to communicate in a professional environment. Networking through the help of internship, provides you with new references and job opportunity. As an intern, you could get a professional mentor in your career.

  1. Career Foundation:

Internship helps set your bases in your career path on a solid foundation. It is advisable to choose an internship program in relative to what makes one happy or one’s field of study. As you’re now aware, employers most time use interns for job recruitment as potential employees when there are job vacancies in their companies. Internship helps makes you set your foot deep into a company, hence a potential staff tomorrow.

Internship is an awesome avenue to increasing your chances as a potential employee of labour. Why not make an investment into the future, your future by becoming an intern today.

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