15 Paid Mechanical Engineering Internships In Chicago For 2020/2021

It is really important to note that mechanical engineering is a line of work that requires in-depth hard work, therefore, a mechanical engineering internship is a really tough career training option that requires the interns A-game.

mechanical engineering internships

Chicago, also known as the city of Chicago, is home to a population of approximately 2,705,994 million people as of 2018, an account lifted from Wikipedia. Chicago is located in the state of Illinois USA and is the third most populated city in the United States and equally the most populous city in the Midwestern United States.

In this article, we are going to focus on Chicago based companies that provide mechanical engineering internships, not just summer internships but others included too. I suggest you take your time and navigate with a keen mind, so as to choose whichever company suits you better. I would state that this article is meant for hard workers and innovative personalities, so enjoy the cruise.

About Chicago

According to Wikipedia, Chicago is the principal city of the Chicago metropolitan area (Chicagoland) in the USA which boasts of a humongous population of 10 million people. Chicago generates a GDP of 689 billion which is one of the highest in d world, it’s city O’Hare has an international airport ranked as the 5th-6th busiest worldwide, by the Airports Council International. With this account, it is only fair to conclude that these data would make Chicago both a national and international arena for commerce, industry, transportation, and technology, etc. Thereby providing job opportunities for individuals and internship seekers, mechanical engineering internships included.

Here is the list of the 15 Paid Mechanical Engineering Internships In Chicago For 2020/2021

  • Gamma Technology, LLC
  • Signode Industrial Group
  • Xylem Company
  • Robertshaw Controls Company
  • Human-Centric Company
  • Parker Hannifin Corp
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD)
  • BorgWarner Company
  • dbHMS Company
  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
  • GE Healthcare
  • Primera Company
  • Pheonix Converting
  • Phigenics LLC
  • Environmental System Design, Inc (ESD)

1. About Gamma Technology, LLC

Gamma Technology also known as GT is an engineering company that specializes in the development and marketing of an engineering simulation software called GT-Suite. This software is used by over 600 companies right now, since when the company was founded in 1994.

This simulation is state of the art, and consist of fluid dynamics, mechanical, thermal, and electro-magnetics sub-models, plus a sophisticated set of user interfaces including map based and 3D based, pre and post processors according to an article on mechanical engineering on an internship from indeed.com.

The GT-Suite aids in both Aerospace, Automotive, Highway vehicle design, Agriculture, and Power generation. And all these areas of interest are open to competitive learners through the mechanical engineering internship program which takes place at any season of the year, summer included.

Before one can be entitled to this internship program, the applicant must be in the junior or senior year of their bachelor’s degree program in mechanical engineering, applied maths, or any related field. They should also have a preliminary interest in system kinematics, Dynamics, and designs.
Any potential mechanical engineering intern to be considered must have a strong background in computer software, computational modeling, and mathematics. We all know this is a software company, so you don’t go to war without your weapons for protection or you die-off on the front lines.
As an intern, you learn as you render assistance to the professionals, so you learn mostly by keen observation. In GT, the mechanical engineering intern would assist engineers in developing example models, tutorials, and testing of new features in the GT-Suite software, carry out proof-of-concept which works in testing the capability of GT-Suite, validate and correlate new product features by applying customer feedback and test, amongst others.
Gamma Technologies has an additional feature to ramp up its prestige.
This feature comes in the form of an incentive for mechanical engineering internship employees. These employees receive a total of approximately 38,000-50,000 dollars a year for their full-time internship program. This is the pay rate worthy of a real hard worker.
Westmont, Chicago, State of Illinois.

2. About Signode Industrial Group

Signode Industrial Group is a leading manufacturer of various range of
consumables, tools, software, and equipment to maximize end-of-line packaging operations and protect products in transit. According to research done by packageworld.com, Signode has generated over 2billion dollars in revenue, 80 plus manufacturing facilities across six continents, and over 7000 employees worldwide and provides complete packaging solutions for customers.

Signode Industrial Group accepts individuals with a bachelor’s degree
who have completed at least one year (sophomore, junior or senior) in the mechanical engineering program for their mechanical engineering summer internship 2020. The prospective intern must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This is also applicable to interested parties in both sales and
engineering-related fields of study.
2020 is a really advanced digital age, therefore, for the mechanical engineering internship program, the applicant should have a rich background in Microsoft Excel, mechanical engineering software, manufacturing, and excellent communication skills.
Signode provides it’s prospective interns with great knowledge in their
necessary fields, provided they are eager to work hard and pay rapt attention. Individuals for mechanical engineering internships would focus on machine design, component design, design documentation, BOM auditing with correction, assist in troubleshooting and analyze mechanical
designs, produce 3D models/assemblies and drawing, cycle testing of engineering concepts to evaluate, etc. This provides a wide range of study and learning for future benefits.
While the season of workmanship varies according to company, mechanical engineering internships at Signode is a full-time summer project and packs a whopping 52,000-69,000 dollars annually. After the summer, the interns go back to their various universities to continue their
major studies, with the awesome experience, gathered at Signode.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

3. About Xylem Company

Xylem as a global industry deals with the creation of advanced technological
solutions for the world’s water challenges. Its major focus is primarily to develop high-grade tech to improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future.

Xylem distributes product and services which analyze, treat, monitor, move, and return water to both the environment and the society as a whole. According to accounts from simplyhired.com, this mega company has roots in about 150 countries where the weight of its services is felt.

Xylem employs most forms of engineers and is really ‘mechanical engineering internship’ friendly as huge machines are used in drilling water and moving it too, so there is a lot of knowledge and experience to go around.

Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering or it’s
equivalent, whether immediate graduates or undergraduates are welcome to participate in its mechanical engineering internships. The water sector plays in the advantage of mechanical, civil, and chemical engineers, so if you are in this sector, as Joyner Lucas would say “lucky you.”
Xylem requires 0-2 years of experience with product design, exposure in product manufacturing, and 3D CA modeling software, Creo (pro engineering) and wind chill. The prospective individuals interested in Xylem’s mechanical engineering internships should have great interaction and relationship skills as an added bonus because team playing is essential.
Employees of this mechanical engineering internships would be occupied with learning about pump designs, virtual internship projects to provide engineering support for initial new product development for an e-xc pump for fire protection application, mechanical analysis, and calculation of rotating assemblies to comply with fire regulations and learning about hydraulic designs. 3D models and designs are equally included.
Due to Xylem’s bulk virtual working feature, facilitating the ability to work
from home (favorable during this Coronavirus pandemic), interns work 40 hours a week during internship duration and receive a satisfactory sum of approximately 36,000-46,000 dollars annually.
Morton Grove, Chicago, State of Illinois.

4. About Robertshaw Controls Company

Robertshaw Controls is a leading global design, engineering, and manufacturing
company in the Chicago area that sells components and systems solution into the residential white goods, commercial appliances, HVAC, and transportation industries.

The company has employed over 6,500 employees in 14 countries, has 3 engineering centers, 13 manufacturing locations, and 5 distribution centers. These were referenced from an article about this company, compiled by indeed.com.

Robertshaw Control Company is a tech giant that provides both jobs and internship program for individuals in both Chicago and other areas of the world where they are located. So individuals interested in applying for a mechanical engineering internship this summer 2020 should consider this option.

Robertshaw Controls provides a broader range for individuals interested
in a mechanical engineering internship program as it focuses on both masters degree and bachelor’s degree students still ongoing or graduated. For international students, having an OPT card is a must before application. But local students have a greater chance of entry. All forms of individuals in the engineering department are provided with an internship opportunity, but we focus more on mechanical engineering internships because this is the main goal of this article.
2-8 years of experience in commodity analytics, sourcing, supplier management, and quality supply chain is needed. Also, excellent analytical skills, and an individual with a detail-oriented approach, strong skill in Excel and PowerPoint, and easily adaptable is required.
At Robertshaw Controls Company, interns will be assigned to a commodity
a leader in developing category strategy with commodity research, models and RFQ/RFP development, analysis of bids and sample development, work with engineering and quality in identifying CTQ parameters and specs and so many other details we can’t begin to enumerate or this article would become longer than the Bible.
Robertshaw Controls provides it’s mechanical engineering internship
program with a temporary and full-time option, which last 6 months-1 years, with a pay rate of 20 dollars an hour.
Itasca, Chicago, State of Illinois.

5. About Human Centric Company

For all individuals participating in the various mechanical engineering internships
job hunt with a keen interest in smart technologies, Human Centric would be a valid option to consider.

This company is a fast-moving e-commerce startup that offers solutions to help customers organize their home and office technologies, create an efficiently designed and comfy space and tools for both work and play.

Human-Centric makes use of basic software to design state of the art products to achieve its necessary goals with great pride.

The engineering sectors are highly considered, therefore any undergraduate or recently graduated in mechanical engineering or a related field is worthy of an application.
Prospective individuals applying for the mechanical engineering internships summer 2020, should possess a basic knowledge in CAD software such as solid works (but Human Centric normally make use of Onshape, which is a cloud-based CAD tool), interest in developing
consumer products, innovative mindsets, good customer-product understanding so as to manufacture generally accepted products, excellent verbal, written and computation skills, together with a great team
work attributes.
The roles required by mechanical engineering internship here require brain
power as they would be given opportunities to suggest ideas that influence the initial design of a product, learn of business, and technicalities influence product development, too. They would be required to participate in designing mechanical parts with CAD and receive practical feedback from engineers on how to improve them, and equally gain knowledge on real-work DFM (design for manufacturing) as products are being manufactured, etc.
This company offers a full-time mechanical engineering internship
the program, for summer 2020. It is a 10-12 week paid position. The pay rate here is about 15 dollars an hour for 40 hours a week, with flexible start and end dates. Interns are required to come to work by 10 am-6 pm every Monday-Friday. The company equally carries out its responsibilities dependent on the COVID-19 safety precautions.
Skokie, Chicago, State of Illinois.

6. About Parker Hannifin Corp

If you are interested in engineering global giants with lots of revenue generation,
Parker Hannifin is ultimately one of the best. Parker Hannifin is among the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets.

As we all know, anything machine which has to do with movement is related to the mechanical engineering department, therefore, mechanical engineering interns are in luck as the operation of this company affects them positively.

A write-up fromsimplyhired.com put into account that Parker Hannifin has recorded an annual sale of 14.3 billion dollars in the fiscal year of 2019. The company has operated in 50 countries around the world too, which is actually impressive.

Mechanical engineering internship program for Parker Hannifin Corp
requires that the intended intern should be currently pursuing a mechanical engineering degree or it’s equivalent in an accredited University or College. So immediate graduates are not accepted for an
internship program.
The basic skill set is required for an intern at Parker Hannifin to function and relate properly, this includes, strong writing and communication skills, Autodesk Inventor, CAD, and must be a team worker.
Parker Hannifin Corp requires their mechanical engineering internships
employees to assist engineering teams in the investigation of pertinent design factors such as ease of manufacture, availability of materials and equipment, prepares detailed drawings and assembly drawings through use of the 3D-CAD system, write and prepare engineering standards with guidance of a senior engineer, and equally assist in lab product testing and reporting, etc..
Parker Hannifin provides temporary internship program with a handsome
pay befitting of an undergraduate intern, 32,000-41,000 dollars annually.
Des Plaines, Chicago, State of Illinois.

7. About Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD)

About Company: the main purpose of the MWRD is the reclamation and treatment of water waste and flood water prevention in greater Chicago to protect the health and safety of citizens.

This is a major project which shows the impressive capabilities of the MWRD. Mechanical and construction engineers and their related interns are easily employed as heavy machines are involved in tunneling and these machines require maintenance as well.

According to accounts from Wikipedia, the district reversed the flow of the Chicago River and is currently involved in the large multi-decade construction of the “Deep Tunnel” or Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP).

Mechanical engineering internship applicants must be a current
graduate or undergraduate seeking a degree in mechanical engineering, with a document of referral from a class instructor, professor, or internship coordinator from current accredited University or College. It should be in the form of a cover letter stating you are interested in the mechanical sector.
A good written, verbal and communication skill is required, necessary knowledge in CAD software, residence permit in the U.S for a non-citizen of the U.S. MWRD also requires mechanical engineering interns who are team players, hardworking and eager to acquire knowledge.
Prospective interns should be prepared to participate with and learn from the maintenance and operations department. They would also deal with duties related to the maintenance of critical mechanical assets such as pumps, motors, switch gears, transformers, boilers, generators, etc. In
fact, everything related to mechanical engineering is the major focus of everyone undergoing the mechanical engineering internship program.
Mechanical engineering interns in this company are subjected to 119 days
of knowledge stacked work a year, including summer, with a pay rate of 15 dollars per hour. It is a full-time internship program with no pay during days off..
Chicago, State of Illinois.

8. About BorgWarner Company

BorgWarner is a global product leader in power train solutions. Its primary focus is to develop power train tech that improves fuel economy, emissions, and performance. BorgWarner has facilities that stretch worldwide, with a well-advanced customer base, and services which include engine timing system, boosting systems, ignition systems, air and noise management, cooling controls. All these aspects of operations should be quite enticing to an individual interested in a mechanical engineering internship this summer.

It is important to note that most favoured individuals are those
currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or any other related field to mechanical engineering. A minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0 is equally required before your application would be looked upon.
As this is a technology-oriented industry, parties interested in its mechanical engineering internship program should have basic knowledge of computers and software. Some of those Necessary skills include basic knowledge in SQL databases, Microsoft SQL management studio, Microsoft visual studio, and Microsoft Excel.
Intern employees would take part in measuring transmission parts using small hand tools. Examples of these include micrometers, calipers, indicators, profilometers, federal gages, and snap gages. They would also partake in more complex measurements such as measuring transmission parts using high precision measuring instruments like automated vision measurement machines, coordinate measurement machines, form measurement tracers, optical comparators, and Rondcoms.
This is a part-time mechanical engineering internship that takes place around the year and all seasons. This program also packs a huge annual pay of 58,000-76,000 dollars as a mouth-watering incentive for their interns.
BellWood, Chicago, State of Illinois.

9. About dbHMS Company

dbHMS is a minority-owned business enterprise incorporated in 2002 and has
grown to over 100 employees with offices in Chicago, accounts from indeed.com. This company projects great engineering passion and meets it’s client requirements with great passion. There are a collection of engineers who are both doers and thinkers, who work relentlessly to achieve the company’s vision
and provide room to recruit and train talented individuals with great skill and tenacity in the field of engineering.

dbHMS hires students with a high school diploma or it’s equivalent in
basic engineering (mechanical engineering included) or construction background, such students could be on-going or recently graduated with at least a year’s experience in the industry.
Due to the fact that we are in the digital age, one would require basic knowledge in some software to be considered the right candidate for a mechanical engineering internship. Ability to operate Revit, BIM software, AutoCAD, excellent verbal and written communication skills are all required.
Students undergoing mechanical engineering internships would assist senior engineers on project-related tasks, read and understand construction documents, operate a computer software like Microsoft office, assist in designing programs to perform mechanical engineering tasks,
and designing components of a machine under supervisors.
The internship position given out by dbHMS is a full-time seasonal
the summer internship program, with a pay rate of 17 dollars per hour.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

10. About Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

According to accounts coined from Wikipedia the internet’s encyclopedia, CTA is
an Illinois independent governmental agency that started operation on October 1st, 1947 upon the purchase and combination of the transportation assets of the Chicago Rapid Transit Company and the Chicago surface lines streetcar system.

Today, the CTA is one of the 3 service boards financially supported by the Regional Transportation Authority and CTA service connects with railway and
suburban bus and paratransit service. The CTA is a major transportation Industry in Chicago, and as we said earlier, any machine that moves, has gears, and rotors, etc, would require the presence of a mechanical engineer.

Therefore, a transportation agency such as the CTA would have more mechanical engineers and their corresponding interns as a bulk of their engineering staff.

The CTA intern of interest is all undergraduates senior and majors in
mechanical, industrial, electrical, safety, environmental/occupational health engineering. But our major focus is the mechanical engineering internships, which plays a major role in the CTA.
All prospective mechanical engineering internships are required to have
garnered basic skills in AutoCAD, computer operation, organization, and attention to detail, oral and written communication. Basic computer and software understanding skills are necessary as the world know require these for a faster and more efficient work result. Therefore, a possible intern without this knowledge would be lagging in his or her respective engineering field.
Mechanical engineering interns would assist in the safety departments in the implementation of several safety programs to include lockout/tag-out, partake in programs which have been developed to provide a safe workplace for CTA employees and meet OSHA requirements especially
during this COVID-19 pandemic, assist in mechanical engineering projects, supervisions and repairs, place analysis on vehicular movements and safety amongst others. Accommodation is also provided for
those who apply for it, and the disabled too. Accommodation application must be done prior to submission of internship application or upon notification of your actual date test and forwarded to @transitchicago.com, this provides ease for those who work late and live in a more distant part of Chicago.
The internship program at the CTA is a part-time and full-time program,
which presides 15 hours a week (part-time) during the school year, and 40 hours a week (full-time) during summer. CTA also provides it’s mechanical engineering internship runners, with a 12-17 dollars an hour incentive.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

11. About GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a company interested in giving the world’s healthcare a notch
forward by manufacturing necessary healthcare equipment and machines for ease in taking care of difficulties in our health bereft society. GE combines world-class engineering with software and analytics to make the world a more reliable, efficient, and safer place. This company provides internship spots for both engineers (mechanical engineers included) and health inclined individuals.

Although GE is undoubtedly health-based, machines required to ease healthcare are its main focus. This is where various job spots for mechanical engineering internships come to play. These acknowledged interns should be an associate’s or bachelor’s degree holders in mechanical engineering. Also, high school diploma/GED and 4 or more years of experience servicing mechanical and electronic equipment are equally considered.
Mechanical knowledge, Microsoft handling, driving with a necessary license, troubleshooting. Working at GE Healthcare requires an individual to be able to lift about 35lbs without assistance, as fieldwork is also required.
Individuals associated with GE’s mechanical engineering internships program should be ready to perform on-time preventive maintenance in one or more modalities of equipment. The intern would follow all field modification instructions and instrument service information bulletins,
all under the supervision of a senior engineer. Interns should be quick studies, as they would have to learn troubleshooting, repairs, and equipment installations both on-site and off-site.
This is a yearly full-time internship job and backs a pay of approximately
41,000-53,000 dollars annually.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

12. About Primera Company

When it comes to top building companies in Chicago and the United States as a
whole, Primera is truly a force to reckon. With over 30 years of experience in projects delivered for schools, universities, healthcare, government, aviation, laboratory, and municipal facilities, Primera stands as a construction Colossus. As we said earlier, mechanical engineering internship is our major focus, but for good measure, we would like to let our readers know that architects, electrical engineers, lighting design engineers too, are equally welcome to the family.

Pre-engineering freshman/sophomore or more advanced individuals in
the mechanical engineering curriculum could be selected among the chosen to perform in the yearly mechanical engineering internship. It is important to take to mind that interns must be passionate about the course and must have a GPA of 3.5 or above.
For Primera’s mechanical engineering internships, aspiring individuals should have basic knowledge in Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Revit, we live in a digital world after all. Also, the necessary communication and relationship skills are equally required.
Interns’ focus would be on helping mechanical engineers in areas of mechanical design. Assist using CAD software and 3D modeling for mechanical engineering plan drafting. Learning and preparing technical sketches and machine work diagrams would equally be required of the
mechanical engineering interns who are ready to learn.
Selected interns should be able to deliver 16-20 hours of work time per-
week, and would be placed on an annual salary of 37,000-47,000 dollars. Quite enticing for such a work time right?.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

13. Pheonix Converting Company

Pheonix converting consist of a creative team of engineers who work to develop
systems and analysis for a whole range of companies and industries. Pheonix converting is known to work with engineers who are hardworking, smart, driven, and creative. Every summer, the company also looks for interns to train to participate in every level of system design and orientation. Interns hired should show motivation and interest to master all facets of manufacturing so as to leave this position with individual skills in industrial knowledge.

Mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, manufacturing, and welding
engineering applicants with engineering majors in their respective courses and abilities in analytical and planning tools are the intern of choice. But we would stick to our major focus, which is the mechanical engineering interns.
Basic skills in Microsoft office, system design, and benefits administration are required by the company.
If you are participating in the mechanical engineering internship scheme of
Pheonix Converting, you stand the chance to learn to perform ergonomic evaluations, time studies, simulations, optimize assembly flow to minimize people per-machine per-day, material inspection, quality control requirements, shadowing, mentoring and training opportunities with seasoned professionals. Interns also gain social fraternizing skills by being provided with opportunities to participate in networking events and company meetings too.
Interns would be required to work part-time, every Monday to Friday
and it is an 8-hour shift job, with a pay rate of 11-12 dollars an hour.
Itasca, Chicago, State of Illinois.

14. About Phigenics LLC

This is a company that deals with water testing in the Midwest as a whole.
Phigenics helps it’s clients out by taking water tests, maintaining equipments, assisting with creating and maintaining comprehensive water management programs, and analysis engineering.

This is a company that deals with water testing in the Midwest as a whole.
Phigenics helps it’s clients out by taking water tests, maintaining equipments, assisting with creating and maintaining comprehensive water management programs, and analysis engineering.
Strong mechanical aptitude for mechanical engineers, willingness to work in a manufacturing environment for engineers, ability to adapt fast in the work environment, have a valid driver’s license and acceptable motor vehicle record, proficiency in MS Office, excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skill.
Internship position involves traveling to client sites in a region, participating in and eventually helping conduct meetings, servicing equipment, and collecting water samples. Some overnight travels may be included and interns would follow professional engineers to travel client sites for the experience. Working at Phigenics requires a lot of site works and movements, lifting weights of about 25pounds for practical experience. Activities could equally change with the job. One of the benefits of frequent fieldwork is that it broadens an intern’s practical know-how.
Phigenics offers a part-time summer internship and a payment of about
25,000-35,000 dollars annually.
Chicago, State of Illinois.

15. About Environmental System Design, Inc (ESD)

ESD is a global consulting-engineering firm focused on the delivery of high-performance buildings. The company delivers value by creating healthy and productive environments and designing facilities that are more cost-effective, flexible, reliable, and sustainable.

Utilizing the integrative design process, ESD design, and apply innovative techs such as energy modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to address the owner’s needs. ESD emphasizes innovation, adaptability, and sustainability when providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, life safety, and technology engineering.

Students from accredited universities all over Chicago and the rest of USA
still undergoing a bachelor’s degree in engineering studies such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering, etc.
Mechanical engineering interns should be team players for greater
productivity because a healthy work environment improves the production rate. They should possess the ability to learn quickly, good verbal and written communication skills, and basic knowledge in CAD.
Prospective interns would participate in the designing of mechanical systems, design solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, design solutions for central plants, temperature controls, facility and energy reviews, electrical monitoring and control systems,
reliability analysis report etc.
The mechanical engineering internship program holds during summer
each year and the pay is 17-18 dollars per hour.
Chicago, State of Illinois.
The above list is to the best of our abilities, a well compiled knowledge-filled snack of paid mechanical engineering internships in Chicago for summer 2020. I think that right about now, you would have been through our summary of these mechanical engineering internships companies. I hope you had great fun and gathered the knowledge you seek which led you to this article. Have a nice day and God bless.

Paid Mechanical Engineering Internships FAQs:

Will An Application From Any University Be Accepted?

Only accredited universities all over the USA can apply for a mechanical engineering internship program in these companies.

Are There Any Favoritisms To Be Considered?

Employment opportunities are not based on colour, race,
national origin, sex, age, ancestry, disability, physical handicap, marital status, veteran status, ethnicity, or religion. You must only be a citizen or have a work permit in the United States.

Could Interns Be Retained?

This isn’t compulsory, and it isn’t a necessity too. But companies could decide to graciously retain a really outstanding intern who would pose a great asset to them.

Are There Measures Against This COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes there are. Company measures against this Pandemic are in-line with the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommendations.

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