National geographic internships for 2020

National geographic internships: Each year, the National Geographic Society offers many students a paid opportunity to spend the summer exploring and learning with them.

This opportunity is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a complete experience to explore and learn.


Also, I would like to let you know that if you’re a curious, serious-minded, out of the box thinker, then this article was meant for you. Well, if you aren’t either, let’s hope you get two or more tenacities into the curiosity of better learning and knowledge spreading.

Therefore I suggest you fasten your seatbelt on the ride through this article because it was written for all students and experience seekers.

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What Does Internship Mean And Who Is An Intern?

According to the Oxford dictionary, an internship is a position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain
work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

Now it is only obvious and without a doubt that such student or trainee be referred to as an intern. This brief explanation leads us to our next step in this article.

What Is the National Geographic Society (NGS)?

was founded on January 13, 1888, 132 years ago with interest including geography, archeology, and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of world culture and history (account gotten from Wikipedia).

It is one of the largest non-profit organizations with headquarters in Washington D.C, United States. The national geographic society’s logo is a yellow portrait-like frame which is of rectangular shape and appears on its magazine and TV channels.

Some important facts equally crafted from Wikipedia is the fact that the national geographic society was governed by 21 board of trustees members and has been this way till date. Important facts for a potential intern to note are the current names of the Chairman and CEO/President, which is Jean M. Case and Tracy Wolstencroft respectively.

The national geographic society has done a highly productive job so far, evidence can be seen in facts displayed by their NATGEO WILD channel in an advertisement stating the provision of about 14,000 research grants. This now ferries us to our main objective of this article.

What is National Geographic Internship?

The national geographic internship is an intern program hosted by
the non-profit organization known as the National Geographic Society with various educational intent.

As we had earlier made clear, the National Geographic Society was founded in the year 1888, by some prominent knowledgeable individuals with the sole intent of spreading scientific education, research, ideas, discoveries, and inventions to the four corners of the Earth and round the universe if possible.

Therefore the national geographic internship bears the agenda of its parent organization (National Geographic Society). This internship has worldwide recognition and offers summer job vacancies for interested parties in order to broaden their job opportunities, and equip them with enhanced training and advantage for the outside job struggle. Now that is the real purpose of the national geographic internship.

More About The National Geographic Internships

The national geographic internship is also known to be highly competitive due to its worldwide recognition and huge fundings. Therefore all prospective interns should get their game face on. As we wrote earlier, it was founded in the year 1888 by well-intent visionaries who had hypermetropic insights into the future to know that the unabridged spread of knowledge would be beneficial to mankind.

Therefore, over the years, the national geographic internship has pushed its goal of scientific discoveries, sharing of ideas, exploration e.t.c over a milestone, which we would all admit is a really impressive feat. Today, it comprises of one of the world’s largest scientific and educational institutions.

Branches Of National Geographic:

The national geographic internships is a broad program that has stems
shooting out of its tree, to provide support for individuals of different course backgrounds that would help add a boost to scientific discoveries and natural/geographic explorations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s art inclined or scientific. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss branches, aligned, or involved in the national geographic internships. We won’t go into them all, but a few that are quite involved in various possible job opportunities and employment. Below are some branches:

National geographic partners:

This has to deal with a majority of the visually broadcasted part of the
national geographic internship program. This is a non-fictional entertainment sector which actualizes it’s goals by broadcasting real-life educational contents. This section of the national geographic internship
makes use of television channels like the Nat Geo Wild (which I presume is quite popular amongst our cable channels), magazines, books, social media, and equally maps to broadcast educational content to the world.

Little children are not left out of this knowledge either, as cartoons bearing useful educational information are either televised or written as colorful reading materials for them. So they work hand in hand with Disney in order to push knowledge round the globe. Therefore, explorers, media, and journalism inclined individuals comprise a bulk of this national geographic internship niche.

Level Of Education Permitted To Participate In The National Geographic Internship

The internship is open to both undergraduates and graduates alike during summer breaks when both parties are free to participate in extracurricular activities.

One important point to note when applying for the national geographic internship is that both parties must have attended an accredited USA based University. This is an important criterion as the USA believe their educational standards to be the best, worldwide and unparalleled by no other.

The reason for the USA being the major University base of selection for the national geographic internship will be discussed in the next content below.

Host Nationality Of The National Geographic Internship:

The national geographic internships were founded and located in the USA. It has it’s headquarters in Washington DC and has since spread to various parts
of the country.

This is the major reason an applicant must attend or have attended an accredited American University before they can be selected for the internship program. You might love to check out this Eagle Scout Scholarships 2020.

Nationality Permitted To Apply For The National Geographic Internship:

All races, nationalities, and colours are all allowed to apply for the internship program but must attend an American based University before that.

National geographic internship as an educational program is highly innovative and competitive. The program only selects individuals with productive characteristics such as curiosity, innovation, empowerment, accountability, proactivity, and team playing. Just like the nationalgeographic society, we hope we dispersed the unfiltered information and knowledge you clicked this site for? God bless.


What are the criteria to possess for the national geographic internship?

One must have a really competitive and keen educational spirit for them to be considered a necessary candidate for the national geographic internship.

What are the earnings made from the national geographic internship?

During this internship program, a minimum wage is given to the interns for upkeep and to motivate them to perform better and reward them for such hard work and dedication to their jobs. A salary of 13 dollars per hour is earned by the interns.

How long does the national geographic internship last?

The national geographic internship is a summer based program that lasts for about 10 weeks, almost all through the summer.

What Does Internship Mean And Who Is An Intern?

An internship is a position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain
work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

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